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Hints and Tips

These things are worth keeping in mind:

  • Use of indicators – if in doubt HC rule 103
  • Mini roundabouts – right of way, DO NOT wave vehicles on – keep your position safe
  • Roundabouts – straight lining/trimming if the situation is appropriate
  • Handbrake / Neutral should be selected when you are likely to be stationary for some time
  • Crossing of the centre line/hazard line to get a better view is dangerous
  • Set of open bends – straight lining/trimming only if no conflict
  • Crossing of solid white lines - HC rule 129
  • At stop lines – STOP, no need for handbrake but....
  • Overtaking speed – keep it legal
  • Progressive acceleration - brisk instead of fast
  • Make good progress - stick to the speed limits, whilst driving as progressively as conditions allow (SPARKLE)
  • Use of acceleration sense rather than brakes
  • Use of built in car technology and aids, cruise control, traction control, ABS ESP to be used. Parking sensors are NOT to be relied on.
  • If using bought in dashcams /satnavs and any power cables; ensure these are positioned on the windscreen out of the swept area so as not to restrict your view of the road ahead.
  • Automatic gearboxes- know makers' recommendations, you can stay in D but extra points for knowing when to use sport and manual.
  • Use of handbrake with auto boxes when stopped for a long time, READ the vehicle handbook for specific advice.
  • Cutting into RH Junctions off a main road– good observation
  • Joining a Motorway- lane 1 or 2 or 3 if clear
  • Steering techniques– pull / push

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