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How we train you

We normally offer two types of training so that you can choose which suits you best.

Owing to the reduced number of people wanting training at the moment, we are only currently offering One-to-One training. We will offer Block training as soon as a sufficient number of people want this.

How does it work?

All the in-car training is done in your car with you driving. As you are already a qualified driver, you will be in-charge of the car and responsible for everything that happens. An Observer will be with you, watching what you do, and suggesting how you can improve your driving. This is why we use the term Observer, they will be watching and coaching, not instructing you how to drive.

The Observer will have decided on a route for the session that allows one or more aspects of your driving to be exercised and honed. The Observer will be assessing your skills and prioritising the things that they feel need attention. Therefore, whilst there is an outline structure that guides your progress through the training, the details are flexible and the Observer will adapt to circumstances.


The Observer has been trained how to help improve your driving, so that it reaches the standard required for the Advanced Test. All Observers are examined regularly by the IAM to ensure the quality of their coaching.

One-to-One Training

This is a flexible arrangement. We pair you up with an Observer, and the two of you agree when to meet and for how long. This usually means that the training is longer than six weeks.

Because most Observers have jobs and a family life, you will need to negotiate when the drives take place.

We do have a small number of Observers who are retired and can do daytime training for those who can take advantage of this.

The main advantage of this type of training is its flexibility, but the elapsed time is usually longer than the Fixed Course.

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